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The introduction of El Dorado, a new physical space within TPM, will dive in to the way technology is intersecting with containerized supply chains. The conference will include fast-paced TedTalk style presentations, one-on-ones and hard-hitting panels with some of the industry’s most influential, most-talked-about, and most visionary technology leaders. El Dorado is designed to capture the verve of the current technology wave crashing over the liner shipping industry, while maintaining the substantive content attendees of JOC Events are accustomed to.

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01-04 March 2020 | Long Beach, CA


Network with leading industry professionals from some of the largest players involved in moving containerized cargo. 


Benefit from the extensive range of marketing and public relations carried out before, during and after the event, all incorporating your brand. 


Underline your expertise and leadership in the logistics and transportation industry. 


Generate new business leads and build on existing ones with direct access to established industry leaders and emerging personnel.