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A key part of a Journal of Commerce subscription plan, the Gateway is an easy to use and detailed data reference guide within, giving a comprehensive snapshot of key shipping metrics – from freight rates to dwell times within the trans-Pacific, other trade lanes, and US domestic transportation.  

Access a wide array of charts on the container shipping and surface transportation sector for a one-stop spot to track pricing, volume, reliability and core economic barometers. With critical context from Journal of Commerce, tap Gateway to better communicate internally and externally via key charts and readings.


Features and benefits

Track ocean spot and contract rate and indices to be better informed during contract negotiations. 

Gauge when it’s time to shift surface transport modes via intermodal savings index.

Monitor truck spot rates and outbound over-the-road rates from major US ports.

Better illustrate to management truck capacity and employment conditions.

Follow key container volume and ocean reliability trends on major trades. 

Better explain to customers reasoning for changes in ocean, US surface transport, and air cargo pricing. 

Track major economic indicators of global economy and shipping demand.


Transport providers:

Full Gateway access is only available with a Gold subscription. Limited access is available with Silver and Silver Plus subscriptions. Click below to choose a subscription plan or contact us to learn more about all other benefits of a Journal of Commerce Gold subscription.

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