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It can be difficult enough to manage the “everyday” risks to your supply chain, but actually getting ahead of and dealing with larger crises can seem near impossible. With everything that’s happened recently, we’ve all learned an important lesson in that it’s paramount to be prepared for the absolute worst-case scenario.

Yet many companies still aren’t. In fact:

  • 43% of 142 companies, ranging from consumer goods to healthcare, reported that their supply chains are vulnerable to disruptions
  • 55% of those companies have no documented contingency plans
  • 38% of 247 companies acknowledged that they have too much unmanaged supply chain risk

Thankfully, there are ways to deal with maintaining supply chain continuity in a dire scenario, as well as solutions for how to anticipate and minimize future disruptions.

The Playbook for Supply Chain Continuity in a Crisis covers:

  • What you can do now
  • How to prepare for a crisis with comprehensive contingency planning
  • Anticipating and managing risk with a supply chain integrity platform

Be prepared for the “everyday” risks, as well as bigger disruptions by downloading your playbook today.

Playbook for Supply Chain Continuity in a Crisis

How to maintain supply chain control during disruptive times

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