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The speed of the COVID-19 crisis is unnerving even to the most experienced logistics leader. Within a matter of days, brokers, forwarders and carriers were ordered to shelter-in-place while ensuring that healthcare and food deliveries were uninterrupted. Commercial leaders grappled to implement work-from-home policies with little advance notice.

Fortunately, Winmore’s cloud-based software was designed to help 3PLs integrate, align and coordinate hundreds of remote offices around the world, the same software can orchestrate thousands of remote workers in home offices around the country. Through working with our customers to solve their challenges with shipper relationships and RFP responses, we’ve learned important best practices necessary for an LSP to succeed in these uncertain times.

Based on these learnings, Winmore, presents five key points that can help every commercial leader weather the COVID-19 storm. Together, with our free 45-day software trial offer, our goal is to ensure that logistics service providers emerge from this crisis a stronger, more resilient and efficient industry.

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5 Ways To Work And Win From Home

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